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10 Most Essential Tools For Better Natural Hair Care

As a new natural, you might not know the exact things you need for natural hair care, or even how to use these products and equipment to care for natural hair. Nearly every store has an entire aisle dedicated to hair care products and equipment, and while each thing on the shelves does add some value to your hair care regimen, not everything is absolutely necessary. Keep reading to find out the top 10 essentials for natural hair care.

#1 Shampoo

This is absolutely essential. You need to clean your hair once a month at the very least. Do a little research and try to pick out a shampoo that’s suited to your hair type, and that isn’t too harsh because it will strip your hair of more than just unwanted dirt. Harsh shampoos can take away essential oils from your hair, so be careful.

#2 Conditioner

Conditioner is really handy for detangling and refreshing your hair after washing it. Conditioners are designed to deliver moisture to your hair shaft and keep your curls and kinks looking shiny all day long.

#3 Satin scarf/bonnet/pillowcase

Satin is the best fabric for natural hair. Cotton and other fuzzy fabrics snag at the ends of hair strands, absorb much-needed moisture, cause friction and split ends, and ultimately lead to breakage. Sleeping with your hair wrapped in satin will help you keep it moisturized for longer, and will help you retain length.

#4 Wide-tooth comb

This will make detangling your hair so much easier. Detangling with your fingers is great, but sometimes you’re going to need a little help. A wide-tooth comb is best because if used properly, it will not cause any breakage.

#5 Deep conditioner

This is non-negotiable. You absolutely need a tub of deep conditioner in your hair care arsenal. Deep conditioner goes beyond the point where regular rinse out conditioners will go by providing moisture necessary for long term hair care.

#6 Leave-in conditioner

This is your everyday best friend. It’s essential for everyday detangling, styling, and just generally for taking good care of your curls. Don’t underrate it!

#7 Spray bottle

A spray bottle will be really handy especially when you’re trying to detangle your hair. It can be filled with water, watered-down leave-in conditioner, or whatever mixture you like, but a spray bottle makes it so easy to put products in your hair.

#8 Hair gel

Granted, you might not be very fond of styling and wearing your natural hair out, but once in a while, you’re going to do it. From low buns to pineapples and more complex styles, hair gels help bring any style together.

#9 Bobby pins and hair bands

They’re useful for whatever style you wish to do. The bands are also going to be a big help whenever you need to section your hair to add a product or organize a new style.

#10 Toothbrush

You can already guess what this is for. Edges! A toothbrush and some gel can work wonders for your edges. There are special baby hair brushes produced with this particular purpose in mind, but an old toothbrush will give you pretty much the same result.

It’s also important to check the ingredients of products you’re thinking of buying before actually making a purchase, check here for a list of harmful ingredients to avoid in hair products.

If you’re just starting out on your natural hair journey, this should be a great guide on deciding what you absolutely need, and things that are just secondary to your main aim (which should always be intentional hair care).

What things did you buy when you first went natural? Please share in the comment section.

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