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11 Natural Hair Problems You Will Definitely Relate To

I love my natural hair and if you’re reading this I’m sure (or at least I’m hoping) you love yours too. It’s so beautiful. Are we good on that front? Great, now let’s be frank. The truth is taking care of natural hair isn’t anything at all like a walk in the park. There’s just so much to do to keep it in shape! Not going to lie, it can be really exhausting. The difficulties can be pretty general, nothing specific. But there are some natural hair problems which I’m sure we’ve all had a taste of. Things at which we can all offer a collective sigh of exasperation. That being said, here are 11 problems only a naturalista could relate to!

11 Problems Only A Naturalista Could Relate To
  1. Wash Day

This is perhaps the most relatable front. Cause we all wash our hair right? (right? 👀) goodness! The things you have to do on wash day! Pre-poo, shampoo –or not (co-wash), detangle, condition, deep condition, add some rice water, are you sure you don’t need a protein treatment? Have you tried green tea? How about some eggs? Dry with a cotton T-shirt. Oh and don’t forget to air-dry only! You end up spending an entire day washing your hair.

2. Shrinkage

This could take the natural-hair-problems cake hands down. We know shrinkage is one of the signs of healthy hair but it can be very tedious when it decides to be. Get some shrinkage tips here!

3. The noise!

There’s so much info about black, African, natural, afro-textured hair on the internet that it can be hard to screen the noise. So many conflicting views with valid arguments on both sides and even some out-right lies.

4. Uncooperative edges

Can I get an amen? Personally, it took me years to find edge control gels that worked for me (4C hair chronicles). At some point, I’d find one that worked, and then next thing I knew it would quit on me.

5. The Quest for the perfect hairstylist

“Why don’t you just relax it? It’s long enough already” I’m just going to come out and say it. Some stylists should NOT be touching your natural hair. You know exactly what I mean.

11 Natural Hair problems you will definitely relate to

6. Products running out

The pain in your chest when you use half a bottle of your expensive conditioner in one go.

If you have thick hair, please gather here, there’ll be tissues and warm milk in the corner.

7. Hairstyle fails

This has happened to the best of us. Even your favorite natural hair blogger/vlogger has had an epic hairstyle fail. In the future, these can be hilarious. But in the moment? Premium tears.

8. The slippery scarf

Nobody will be running their hands through your hair sis. You’re always going to need to go to bed with a bonnet or scarf on. It is what it is. Can we also talk about how bonnets and scarves develop a mind of their own while you’re asleep and just fall off? It’s so irritating to find out you lost your bonnet in the morning!

9. Detangle, re-moisturize, repeat

The cycle just doesn’t end. You either go with this flow or risk having dry hair. And what’s more annoying? People telling you that you have dry hair.

10. Trim fever

Yes, we need to trim our hair for several reasons (find them out here). That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to let go of the length we love so much. A lot of naturalistas run kicking and screaming as soon as they hear the word “trim”, but it’s just one of those things you need to do.

11. People

People will do and say all sorts of things about your natural curls and coils. From the badgering questions: “Is that your real hair?” “Why isn’t your natural hair as long as Juliet’s?” “Why don’t you relax your hair already?” etc. To irksome actions like touching your hair without asking first. People really don’t know how to act sometimes.

As a naturalista, your natural hair is bound to give you some problems from time to time. That doesn’t mean you should love it any less or shave your head due to frustration (except of course you want to, in which case, go for it!) Take care of your hair, love it, it is so rewarding in the end. You just need to be patient.

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