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5 Simple Ways To Avoid Becoming A Product Junkie

Product junkie-ing! It happens to us all at some point on our individual natural hair journeys. The life of a product junkie is hard to keep up though. It is financially stressful, a huge waste of time, and at some point, it even begins to affect your hair’s health. Fortunately, you can avoid becoming a product junkie quite easily when you’re aware of it. Otherwise? It’s just one short slide into a pile of products that you don’t know what to do with.

Who exactly is a product junkie?

A product junkie is a person who continuously purchases new products in the hopes of stumbling across the one “perfect” product for their hair. As a product junkie you barely even finish with one product before jumping aboard a train with a new one. It’s exhausting.

What are the disadvantages of being a product junkie?

There are a lot of disadvantages attached to the product junkie lifestyle.

  • It’s very expensive
  • Products are wasted
  • Your hair does not have time to completely get used to a product
  • Some products are not compatible and this can lead to chemical damage in your hair
  • You’re at a higher risk of product build-up which can ruin your natural curl pattern and make your hair seem limp and lifeless
So how do you keep yourself safe from the clutches of the product junkie bug?                    

As has been said earlier, it’s really not that hard if you ensure that you’re conscious of the dangers it brings. Keep to these 5 basic rules and you’ll find that you have no excuse to fall into the product junkie craze.

5 Tips To Keep You from Becoming a Product Junkie

#1 Set a Reasonable Hair Budget

You should set a sensible budget for your natural hair products and care and try your best to stay within its limits. You can’t spend money on something when you don’t have it. Setting a budget will encourage you to stick with your hair products till they are exhausted. This way you can effectively test out products and decide if they’re a good fit for you or not.

#2 Learn Your Hair

This is so important for anyone who truly wants to grow out their natural hair without having to resort to binging on hair products. Take time, pay attention to your hair, and see how it responds to various products or condiments. Does it like products with honey? Or coconut water? Coconut milk maybe? Then you should get products that are centered around those ingredients. You might already be asking how you’re supposed to know what your hair likes if you don’t try a wide variety of products. Well, you can forgo that testing process by trying these raw condiments on your hair. Do a DIY treatment with honey, or one with avocados, or one with coconut milk. Study how your hair reacts and then get products that center on your hair’s favorite condiment!

#3 Do your research

Not every product on the shelf is going to be good with your hair. When deciding on a new product, do a little research by checking reviews online and reading the product label thoroughly. You are more in control of what you put into your hair this way, and you’ll be more confident in your products.

#4 Don’t fall for the hype

Yeah, your favorite YouTuber or blogger is singing praises about a product and it seems all good to you. But you have to remember that it’s called a “paid promotion” for a reason. This person is getting paid to review a product. While some reviews are brutally honest, a lot of them are just telling you what the company wants to hear.  This is why step 3 (above) is vital when choosing hair products.

#5 Stick with what works

Very often, a naturalista will find a product that does a good job with their hair, but instead of restocking it when it runs out, they decide to try something new just to “see how it goes” No. Just no. If you find a product your hair responds to, there’s really no need to make a switch. Stick with what you know because consistency is always well rewarded in natural hair growth. If at some point your hair stops responding to a certain product it once loved, you could try clarifying your hair and then trying the product again. If it still doesn’t work, then you can look into other options. Sometimes, these things just happen.

Picking products shouldn’t be something that stresses you out or eats up all your money. Natural hair will only be super expensive to maintain if you decide to make it so, and becoming a product junkie is an easy way to do that. This is not to say you can’t try new products from time to time, just don’t make a habit of trying every single product you can lay your hands on.

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  1. […] This is a terrible mindset to adopt when going natural because if you actually believe it you’ll end up heartily disappointed. While this is not to say that natural hair is a battle to keep up, it does require a lot more attentive care than other hair types. Mainly because it is prone to breakage due to all its kinks and coils which get tangled up easily. Also, natural hair products are available in a wide range of prices, and while some are really expensive, most of them are quite affordable. You’ll really only find natural hair super expensive if you’re a product junkie. […]

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