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How To Make A Cinnamon Mask To Boost Hair Growth

A cinnamon mask for your hair might be just what you need.

Store-bought or homemade, hair masks are quite common these days and they really do help you out. Finding something in the store that fits your specific problem can be a headache, so making one at home is the sensible alternative.

Sometimes it just happens. Your hair seems like it isn’t growing anymore, and God forbid it’s even getting shorter! While it’s tempting to just give up and assume your hair cannot grow past a certain length, there’s a good number of things you can do to help your hair along. In this article, we’re going to be discussing one of the very best ways to do just that!

This simple cinnamon mask to promote hair growth is made with three very generic items; cinnamon, honey, and coconut oil.
You might already be thinking “how can cinnamon help me grow my hair faster?” and here’s the answer.

Cinnamon sticks. How to make a cinnamon mask for your hair growth

Cinnamon is so great because it exfoliates your scalp helping you get rid of dead cells. This exfoliation process also promotes better blood circulation in the scalp which is paramount if you want your hair to grow fast. Cinnamon also carries antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and so helps to nourish your scalp and keep your hair healthy

Honey comb, collector and jar. How to make a cinnamon mask for your hair growth

Honey is well known as both an emollient and humectant. Being an emollient, honey helps to smooth down your hair follicles and add sheen. As a humectant, it draws water molecules from the atmosphere and bonds with them helping to secure moisture in your hair.

Coconut in shell.

Coconut oil is great because it soothes the scalp, helps fight dandruff and lice, and it stimulates hair growth.

These all sound great, right? Now for the actual recipe!


1 tsp (5ml) Cinnamon
1 tbsp (15ml) Honey
Coconut oil.


Mix honey and cinnamon powder till the consistency is smooth and thick. Add coconut oil to thin out the mixture before application.


Apply the mixture directly to your scalp then work your way up your hair strands. Allow it sit for 35 – 40mins before rinsing out.

NB: This mask is to be used BEFORE shampooing. It is necessary to shampoo because leaving cinnamon in your hair can cause chemical burns that hamper hair growth.
For the best results, you can apply it once every week.

How to make a cinnamon mask for your hair growth

This scalp exfoliating cinnamon mask is easy to make and will definitely yield positive results if you use it regularly. You can also try this mask if you’re looking to give your hair a protein boost, or this mask if you need to keep your hair moisturized for longer.

Did you try this cinnamon mask? What were your results? Share in the comment section!

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