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How To Make An Avocado Mask For Healthier Hair

How to make a protein-filled avocado hair mask

Taking care of your hair means speaking its language. How does it act when it’s tired and dried out? What about when it needs protein? How about when it’s walking that fine line of balance and it’s doing better than ever? You’re the only one who’s going to spend your life with your hair so you should at least try to take note of key behavioral patterns it exhibits.

Protein treatments are an absolute staple for good hair care. They help to repair and strengthen your hair shaft and keep it bouncy and shiny while doing so. Store-bought products really do fantastic jobs in this area, but if you enjoy DIY hair care, you’re strapped for cash, or you’re just unable to get your hands on a pre-made protein treatment, this homemade protein treatment recipe is your best bet for great results.

Avocado cut in half. How to make an avocado mask for healthy natural hair

Before we really get into it, how do you know when your hair needs a protein treatment? It’s really not hard but this article is about actually making a DIY protein mask for your hair at home. In this article, you will truly understand the signs of protein deficiency in your hair, why protein treatments are necessary for healthy hair, how to use a protein hair mask for best results, along with how often you should be doing a protein treatment for your hair. Already know all that stuff? Great, we can push forward.

All you’ll need to make this revitalizing hair smoothie is a ripe avocado, a ripe banana, and some coconut milk. Avocado is known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and very essential amino acids. These amino acids in particular are what help to strengthen the hair shaft by providing keratin. Bananas are rich in potassium, carbohydrates, and natural oils, together these components help to provide moisture to your hair shafts. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins B, C, and E, and has a soothing, cleansing effect on the scalp. It’s no wonder that these ingredients make up the best DIY protein mask for your hair.

Now, the recipe.

A ripe banana and an empty white mug
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 ripe banana
  • ½ cup (120ml) coconut milk
  • Optional 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel
  • Mash the banana and avocado together. You can easily do this by slicing them into smaller chunks and throwing them in your blender.
  • Add the coconut milk and keep whipping it till the mixture is light but NOT watery.
  • Pour into a container and use as desired!

This mask is most efficient after shampooing and conditioning (it isn’t a “conditioning” mask so you shouldn’t skip conditioning, sorry). Section your hair and apply it from root to tip over every inch of your hair. Cover with a plastic cap/bag and let it sit for 30 minutes. (You can use a steam cap to speed up the process by 15 minutes).

Avocado mask for healthy hair. How to make an avocado mask for healthy natural hair

A few things to note about this avocado hair mask

  • There are no preservatives in it so you can always put it in the fridge to keep it from going rancid, but if you can, make it fresh for every use.
  • The consistency will water down when it is left in heated environments (like under a steam cap or a plastic bag) and it will start to drip down your neck. To avoid this you can tie a tube sock around the edge of the plastic cap to help absorb any leakage.
  • This exact procedure isn’t set in stone because like I said earlier, only you can truly know your hair. There are tons of things you can add to make this recipe work even harder for you (mayonnaise, aloe vera juice, egg yolks, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, etc.) so don’t feel like you can’t tweak it.

This avocado hair mask is an all-round winner because of how much value it offers, the ingredients used are inexpensive and easy to find, the process is almost alarmingly simple, and the results are divine. What’s not to love?

Ever tried this mask? How did it go? Feel free to share your experience or any questions you might have in the comment section.

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