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How To Use Rice Water For Natural Hair

Rice water has been making waves in the natural hair community for quite a while now. A lot of naturalistas have used it and are out singing its praises. The idea for using rice water for hair came originally from Chinese and Japanese women who have used it for centuries to keep their hair healthy, dark, and long. The thing is you too can tap from the many benefits rice water has to offer. So, in this article, you’ll be learning exactly how to use rice water for natural hair.

What makes rice water so good for hair?

Rice water is just teeming with goodness. It contains vitamins A, C, E, and most of the B complex vitamins. It contains amino acids and antioxidants, and because rice itself is mostly made up of starch, rice water is rich in inositol (a carbohydrate that helps protect hair from damage). These vital components of rice water make it a perfect candidate for healthier, stronger, and longer hair.

Is rice water good for natural hair?

The short answer is YES, but here’s the long answer anyway. Natural hair thrives when things are kept natural and rice water does just that. Unlike a lot of hair products we buy in stores, rice water has a pH level that is really close to that of your scalp. This helps to keep your scalp oils intact and prevents things like dandruff (see: easy ways to combat dandruff) Rice water can make your hair softer and more malleable for easy detangling, it improves elasticity, and rice water improves shine by smoothing down the hair cuticles.

Does rice water grow hair?

As stated earlier, rice water is packed full of nearly everything your hair could need for better health. Consistent use of rice water will keep your hair strong and prevent breakage, thus helping you retain more length, but it’s not a magic trick. Results will start to really show after 2 or 3 months of consistent and proper use. You can add these oils to your regimen for faster hair growth.

How can you make rice water?

There are two predominant methods for making rice water for beauty purposes.

METHOD 1 (No boiling)

  • Place your desired quantity of rice (preferably a handful) in a bowl/jar.
  • Cover with water that’s double the height of the rice.
  • Allow to sit and ferment for 24 hours
  • Strain the rice and store the water in a cool dry place or refrigerate
  • If the smell bothers you, add a few drops of essential oil(s) e.g. lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, or peppermint essential oils.

METHOD 2 (Boiling)

  • Place your desired quantity of rice in a pot.
  • Add enough water and boil till the rice is half-cooked.
  • Strain the rice and store the water in a cool dry place or refrigerate
  • This type of rice water doesn’t smell funny at first, but over time it can develop a stronger odor. You can add essential oils if you wish

NB: In both cases, the rice water should not be kept for longer than 5 days or at most a week.

How to use rice water for natural hair?

Two beautiful black girls with natural hair on the beach. How to use rice water for natural hair

There are many ways you can incorporate rice water into your natural hair regimen

  • Rice water rinse

This is the most common way to use rice water. You can use this as the final rinse after your hair has been washed and conditioned. It’s best not to rinse out the rice water after pouring it on your hair. However, if you cannot stand the smell, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes in your hair before lightly rinsing it out.

  • Pre-poo treatment

You can use rice water as a pre-poo treatment for your hair. Add a little carrier oil (e.g. olive oil) and some essential oils to the mix and spray onto your hair. Since this is a pre-poo treatment, you should leave it in for nothing less than an hour before proceeding to wash and condition your hair.

  • In your shampoo

Rice water is great for detangling and so you can add it to your shampoo to make your hair more malleable. This is especially beneficial because you can use your shampoo as a co-wash now.

How often should you use rice water for natural hair?

Rice water is rich in amino acids, so it strengthens the hair shaft. Excessive use can lead to a protein overdose and make your hair tougher than you’d like. You can start out at once a week, and gradually adjust to fit your hair’s specifications. Some people settle with once every two weeks, and others just once a month, so it’s up to you.

How often do you use rice water and what results have you seen so far? Please share in the comment section

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