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Exactly What Black Tea Does For Your Hair And How To Use It

There are so many things you can put in your hair to get premium results and black tea is one of them. Although it might not be as popular as green tea and others for hair rinses, it still packs a pretty hard punch. What does black tea do for your hair? Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of Black Tea for Hair
  • Black tea is rich in tannic acid and melanin which help to darken your hair with consistent use.
  • Black tea helps to combat excessive shedding by inhibiting the hormone DHT which is the most common cause of excessive shedding. It also helps to thicken your mane, making it fuller and shinier.
  • It contains an impressive amount of antioxidants that help to nourish and strengthen your hair strands. This in turn keeps them from breaking indiscriminately.
How often should you do a black tea rinse?

This depends on why you’re using black tea in the first place. For people who just want to use it once in a while to boost hair health, once a month will suffice. If you experience excessive shedding or greying hair and you wish to curb either or both of these issues, you will need to increase the frequency of your rinses. Once every week or once every ten (10) days for about 6-8 weeks will be an adequate treatment plan.

How can you use black tea for your hair?

A black tea rinse is really easy to carry out. Here’s all you’ll need to do:

  • Brew 2 bags of black tea in 420ml of hot water.
  • Allow the brew to steep and cool down totally.
  • Apply to your hair after shampooing and leave it in for 30 minutes.
  • Follow this up with a deep conditioning treatment since the tea can make your hair a bit dry.

NB: Deep conditioning might not be an option every single time you do a black tea rinse, especially if you plan to do this every week for about 2 months. In such cases, you can alternate between a regular rinse-out conditioner and a deep conditioner every other week.

Is green tea better than black tea for hair?

The truth is green tea contains a wider array of nutrients for your hair. It can effectively combat dandruff and it stimulates growth too. Black tea might not contain as many nutrients but it is more effective in combating shedding and graying hair. If you have a specific issue with your hair then you should use the tea that is geared towards that problem. However, if you’re just looking to give your hair a nutrient boost, then a green tea rinse will serve you better.

Is black tea good for natural hair?

Black tea is a potent treatment for all types of hair, natural included. So do not be afraid to try it out if you’d like to do so.

Have you ever tried a black tea rinse? How did it go?

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