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How To Use The Greenhouse Effect For Natural Hair

Ever heard about it? The greenhouse effect is a method that can be used to give your hair an extra jolt of moisture especially on days when it feels really dry. There are added benefits of using this method too which we will explore. The best part about using the greenhouse effect on your natural hair is that it’s really simple and will take very little to complete. So let’s jump into the juicy details about what it really is, and how to accomplish the greenhouse effect.

What is the greenhouse effect for hair?

The greenhouse effect is an effective way to quickly and thoroughly moisturize your hair, and provide it better conditions for rapid, healthy growth. The method uses heat from your body to create a warm and humid environment for your hair. This environment is ideal for moisturized hair, and the added heat encourages better blood circulation in your scalp which in turn rejuvenates your follicles to promote hair growth.

How do you accomplish the greenhouse effect?


  • A plastic cap/bag
  • Water
  • Oil mix/natural butter

NB: The greenhouse effect uses only natural substances so leave-ins are not necessary.


First, lightly spritz your hair with water till it is slightly damp. Follow up with your oil and/or butter to seal in the moisture. Try not to be heavy-handed, you don’t want greasy hair. Also, section your hair so it can be easier to manage. Next, cover your hair with the plastic cap and leave it in overnight. Ensure you secure the plastic cap with a scarf before going to bed. If you are unable to leave it in your hair overnight, try your best to let it sit for up to two hours before taking off the plastic cap.

How often should you use the greenhouse effect?

This method is primarily a way to boost moisture intake for your hair. Ideally, to avoid moisture overload, you should do it once a month. However, if you suffer from dry hair and you would like to use the greenhouse effect as your moisture therapy, you could up the frequency to twice a month or thrice a month (every ten days). You can carry out this therapy for as long as two months, but sincerely, if you do it right (overnight) you should start to see results in moisture retention after a month.

What are the benefits of the greenhouse effect?
  1. The greenhouse effect enables moisture to penetrate your hair shaft easily because of the conditions it creates.
  2. Your body heat promotes blood flow and circulation in your scalp which revs up your follicles and promotes hair growth
  3. The greenhouse effect encourages your scalp to produce more sebum oil (a thick natural oil) which moisturizes your hair and makes its softer.
Who should use the greenhouse effect?         

The greenhouse effect is great for natural hair and other hair types as well, but it is particularly great for naturals with low porosity hair who naturally have a hard time getting their hair to accept moisture (like me). I find that this method deeply moisturizes my hair and hence makes it softer and easier for me to manage.

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