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3 Urgent Signs That Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

Beautiful, healthy hair comes about with a lot of thoughtful care. Your air strands are essentially made up of a protein called keratin. A lot of factors come into play and break down this fundamental protein, leaving you with a problem on your hands. When your hair needs a protein treatment there are some signs it gives you to let you know.

  • Looses Elasticity

You know how usually when you pull on a strand of your hair, it elongates and bounces back when you let go? Kinda like a spring? Well one of the first signs of a protein deficit in your hair is loss of elasticity. Keratin makes hair strong, shiny, and elastic, so if it’s lacking, your hair will look dull and feel quite limp. Most times this comes as a direct result of over exposure to direct heat, and/or moisture overload. The moisture problem can easily happen if every deep conditioner, mask, and treatment you own is for moisturizing only. So try to always round out your product range.

  • Increase in porosity

Yes, this can actually happen and it’s a clear sign that your hair needs a protein treatment. Let’s say normally you have low/medium porosity hair but all of a sudden you notice your hair is behaving differently. It’s taking in a lot more moisture than usual nd then letting it out before you can even finish sealing it in –Your hair is gradually becoming more porous. This is because major lack of keratin can actually cause a physical change in the structure of your hair strands. Since keratin is the hair’s “building block”, its absence in parts of your strand is leaving gaps. And as porosity is directly related to the size and number of “holes” available to take in moisture, your hair as moved on to higher porosity levels. If you’re unsure of hair’s porosity, you can find out using this.

  • Excessive Breakage

First you have to be able to tell the difference between breakage and shedding, and if you couldn’t before, you can fully understand that here. As stated earlier, protein in your hair keeps it strong, elastic, and shiny. Now, if your hair loses elasticity and isn’t strong enough to really hold itself together, it’s going to start breaking. Breakage is something you can’t ever avoid totally, but you CAN keep it to a bare minimum. Excessive breakage will cost you your hard earned growth, and can make you feel like your hair isn’t even growing. So if you find that your hair has been breaking a lot more than usual lately, take a step in the right direction. Treat your hair to some much needed protein.

If it wasn’t before, it should fairly obvious to you now, what an important role protein plays in your hair’s overall health. When you eat right and don’t skip protein rich foods, you’ll not need to do a protein treatment every so often. Once in 6 – 8 weeks will do. When your hair is already damaged however, a single protein treatment will not be enough to reverse it. So if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms above, you should do a protein treatment twice a month for 2 months before you can see actual improvement.

There are downsides to protein overload as well, so it won’t do you any good to be too generous with the protein treatment even when your haur gives you protein deficiency signs. Some side effects are; hard and unmanageable hair, dry hair, and tangles you’ll find very difficult to undo. Protein treatments can come in form of masks and deep conditioners. Most labels that read “strengthening mask” or “strengthening deep conditioning treatment” are actually protein treatments. As always you can always make yourself something very potent in your own kitchen. If it gets the job done, it’s fine to get creative.

Do you prefer store bought treatments to homemade ones? You can share your opinions in the comment section!

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