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5 Easy ways stop your afro-textured edges from thinning

Black girl with natural hair and no makeup looking into a pink mirror and brushing her edges back. How to stop your edges from thinning.
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Edges are all the rave right now, particularly in the natural/afro-textured hair community. Just about every style that leaves baby hairs in view is a perfect little canvas for showing off your “edge-control game” and everybody’s jumping aboard. The issue is, while we know that laying your edges does infuse a hot dose of the wow-factor into even the simplest of hairstyles, you have to keep in mind that edges can vanish! Yes, they certainly can. And you know what? When they’re gone, it’s going to be no one’s problem but yours.

Baby hairs are called babies for a reason. They are tender, fragile, and require great care to survive and thrive. So while it might be tempting to take them for granted and soak them in gels, mousses, and creams of different makes every waking second of your life, remember that edges die too.

What causes edges to thin? Apart from hereditary alopecia, the list isn’t too long. Over manipulation, neglect, harsh products, and excessive traction all have a way of killing off your edges.

Nobody wants that look. You know, the one where there’s a glaring gap between your actual forehead and your hairline? Yes, that look. So you might ask “how do I stop my hairline from thinning?” Well, here are five (5) things you can do to stop your edges from thinning.

  1. Leave your edges alone

There are no breaks with you. Be it braids, a pineapple, a wash’n’go, or cornrows, every day you’re wielding your edge brush and some gel and you’re going at your edges like there’s no tomorrow (gotta slay!) Well, all that slay will come to a screeching halt when those babies fall out. This also applies to picking at your baby hairs absentmindedly –don’t do it. Constant manipulation is the fastest way to break off the baby hairs you worked so hard to get. Sometimes, you just need to relax.

2. Don’t pinch them out with tight hairstyles

This was the leading factor behind bald spots back in the day. Edge control wasn’t a big thing, so stylists would virtually grip the life out of their client’s baby hairs in a bid to keep the style looking “neat” ladies would take their styles down and find their edges gone. Don’t be this person. If your stylist is gripping too hard on your edges, speak up!

3. Wear an edge saver (for all my wig wearing ladies!)

The wig life is elite. All you need are some cornrows and you can change your hairstyle thrice in a single week. No stress. The matter with this is that your edges are fragile and the constant friction from putting on and taking off the wigs will eventually cause them to snap. So if you can’t give up the wig life, get yourself an edge saver! These babies are made of soft velvet which reduces friction on your hair and provides better grip for your wigs! Amazing powers for such a simple headband don’t you think? They’re inexpensive and in the long run, you’ll thank yourself (and me of course 🙂 ) for the troubles they’ll help you avoid.

4. Clean your edges

This is especially vital if you apply some sort of gel or holding spray to your edges regularly. Gels dry out your hair and we all know dehydration is the key ingredient for breakage. So clean your edges. It could be a thorough rinse using only water, a light wash with a little shampoo, or perhaps just cleaning them with dry shampoo. The aim is to get all the product out so as to stop/prevent your edges from thinning.

5. Oil your edges

If you’re just trying to stop or prevent your edges from thinning, you don’t need to do this every day (if you’re looking to grow your lost edges again though, you’ll need to do this daily). Moisturize and oil your edges to keep them healthy and growing. Here are some oils you could try.

These are the best things you can do to get your edges to stick around. A couple of these tips might be annoying but don’t forget, it’s a teeny-tiny price to pay to keep your edges flourishing.

What do you do to keep your edges in check? Feel free to share in the comment section if it wasn’t included in this article.

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