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How To Regrow Your Edges: 5 Simple Steps

Since you’re reading this you’re probably wondering how to regrow your edges, if edges can grow back after thinning, or even “How can I make my edges grow faster?” You’ve come to the right place sis and we’ll get to that in a bit. First, we need to address the elephant in the room. What causes edges to thin?

A lot of little things can cause your edges to recede. Excessive tension can cause traction alopecia, and you’d be surprised how things like your diet, neglect, and even your hair products can have adverse effects on your hair’s health and growth. It happens to nearly everyone at some point in their hair journey. Your hairline seems to be drawing further and further away from your forehead and before you know it, there’s a gaping plot where you ought to have an abundance of baby hairs.

The great news is that losing your edges isn’t the end of the story. There are some really simple steps you can take to grow them back even stronger than they were before. All you’ll need is a little dedication and an optimistic viewpoint to get started. If you haven’t lost your edges and you don’t ever wish to lose them, you can check here for tips on how to keep your edges from thinning.

Now, here are 5 simple steps you can take to regrow your edges

  1. Improve Your diet

Remember the line “You are what you eat”? Well it applies to every part of you. A healthy diet provides you with all the nutrients you need to be the healthiest version of yourself. Zinc is particularly important for healthy hair follicles as it keeps the oil glands around your follicles in proper function. So it would do you good to consciously include it in your meal plan. Dietary supplements like biotin supplements can also be very beneficial to people suffering from hair loss due to biotin deficiency. how to regrow your edges.

2. Use an Oil Mix

The importance of oiling hair cannot be overstressed especially when it comes to afro-textured hair. Oils help to improve elasticity, promote growth, seal in moisture, and some even go as far as providing moisture themselves. No single oil has all the properties in the world, but that’s where oil mixes come in. You find different oils that work well together and make a mixture from them. A great mix is 1 part black castor oil, ½ part coconut or olive oil, and trace amounts (drops) of peppermint and rosemary essential oils. You can also find some of the best oils for faster hair growth are right here.

3. Massage your edges

This is really simple and really effective. Massaging your edges helps to promote blood circulation in that area and better blood circulation helps with your hair’s growth rate. So, how do you massage your edges to grow? Using both hands, gently massage your hairline in circular motions. You should do this after applying your preferred growth stimulating oil mix. For best results, do this twice a day every day. (This is where dedication comes in!)

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4. Protein Treatments.

These will not only help your hair’s regrowth, but it also protects the hair that has already grown from breaking off. This doesn’t mean you should give your entire head of hair a protein treatment every week, you can do a protein treatment only on the edges of your hair. You can use store-bought protein treatments or make your own at home, but in this particular case of re-growing your edges, all-natural products are your best bet (you’ll find out why in the next tip).

5. Examine your hair products

This is a really important step. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell, but your hair products can be doing more harm than good. Try as much as possible to take some time to go over the ingredients in products you own or purchase and look out for these harmful substances. You can avoid this altogether by doing some research and making things like deep conditioners and protein treatments in your home. This way you’re sure of everything that goes into your hair and you can monitor its response accordingly.

NB: It should go without saying that hairstyles that tightly grip your edges are a no-no!

These steps really do provide results. You just have to make the choice to stick with them and you’ll be closing up that gap sooner than you’d think.

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