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Hot Oil Treatments For Natural Hair -Benefits And How To

Natural afro-textured hair can get really dry really quickly. While you can definitely always re-moisturize, wouldn’t it be wiser to find a more permanent, more effective option? One that wouldn’t break the bank, but still give you the results that you’re looking for? Enter: hot oil treatments. A hot-oil treatment is an effective way to boost moisture, shine, and elasticity for your natural hair.

What does a hot oil treatment do for your natural hair?

A hot oil treatment carries many benefits but the most prominent are;

  • It strengthens hair by providing important nutrients to the hair shaft.
  • It helps to prevent frizz and flyaways since it smoothes down your cuticles
  • Hot oil treatments deeply moisturize your hair because the oil can travel deep into the hair shaft
  • It prevents split ends
  • The heat stimulates blood flow to your scalp which encourages growth.
  • It adds shine

What oils are best for hot oil treatments?

Hot oil treatments work well with vegetable carrier oils. Think coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. You can mix and match depending on what you have on hand. It is also a good idea to add a few drops of some essential oils just to give the treatment a harder punch. An effective mix you could try is coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil.

Should you do a hot oil treatment before or after washing your hair?

Both approaches have their own specific benefits and functions. Using your hot oil treatment as a pre-poo can help to prevent your hair from losing as much natural oil as it normally would from shampooing. It can also make detangling a lot easier for you especially if you’ve just taken down a protective style. On the flip side, the hot oil treatments are more effective (on all counts) on clean hair because the oils can easily access the hair shaft and do their work. So you get to decide when you want to do your treatment depending on what you have in mind.

How do you do a hot oil treatment for your natural hair?

The steps are really simple.

  • Mix about 40ml of your preferred oils together in a bowl
  • Heat up the mixture until the oils are just warm enough to feel without causing discomfort. You can heat the oils up in a microwave or place your bowl of oils in a bigger bowl of hot water.
  • Gently apply the oil to your sectioned hair coating it from roots to ends.
  • Cover with a plastic cap and let the oils sit for a minimum of 30mins.

Pro tip: if the hot oil treatment is being used as a pre-poo treatment, you can leave it in overnight and successfully execute the greenhouse effect.

  • Rinse out the oils and condition your hair as usual (if you are using it in between shampooing and conditioning)

How often should you do a hot oil treatment?     

This is very dependent on your goal. Is a hot oil treatment something you’d like to permanently add to your natural hair regimen/routine? If so, there’s no harm in doing one before or during every wash (not more than twice a week though). This is especially beneficial to dry hair naturals who are looking for ways to get their hair to retain moisture for longer periods. Here are some more helpful tips on moisture retention.

Hot oil treatments come with high praise, don’t they? Thankfully, when executed correctly, they tend to live up to expectations.

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