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The Sensational Benefits Of Deep Conditioning Natural Hair

Why do you always condition your hair after washing it? Ever asked yourself this question or do you just use conditioner because “it’s what you’re supposed to do”? Conditioners help replenish nutrients stripped away during washing. In addition, it softens and prevents it from drying into a bunch of tangles. Deep conditioning though, goes a step further. It does all the things regular conditioners do for your hair but over a longer period of time. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the importance and deeply rewarding benefits obtained from deep conditioning hair regularly. Deep conditioning is a bit like the regular maintenance you give your car. If you keep skipping it, eventually, your car will break down in the middle of the road. You surely don’t want that for your hair. Here’s all you need to know about why deep conditioning natural hair is so essential.

5 Key Benefits of Deep Conditioning Regularly
  1. Deep conditioning replenishes and rejuvenates hair.

After periods of exposure to the elements, heat, and dirt, your hair will undoubtedly begin to feel dry and brittle. Deep conditioners help to replenish nutrients lost, this is because as the name implies, they are able to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft than regular conditioners do. Deep conditioning helps to restore proteins and vitamins that are lacking, leaving your hair well-nourished and healthy.

2. Deep conditioning protects your natural hair.

Deep conditioners protect your hair from getting dry and malnourished quickly since they are designed to work over periods of time. So a deep conditioning treatment carried out over the weekend will help prevent your hair from losing as much vitality to the atmosphere as it normally would. Depending on the constituents of your deep conditioner, it can help prevent split ends and breakage, thus aiding in length retention.

3. It improves elasticity and strength

If you have hair that lacks that bounce we all crave, a good remedy would be to incorporate a deep conditioner rich in vegetable oils like sunflower and wheat germ oils into your regimen. They help elasticize your hair strands which gives them that signature spring you’ve been searching for. If you happen to have damaged hair due to the stress of bleach, dye and the sorts, try to go for deep conditioners that contain keratin. This helps to empower your strands and prevent breakage and excessive shedding.

4. Softens and adds sheen to hair

It’s fairly safe to say everybody loves soft and shiny tresses. Deep conditioners help to soften your hair over time, through regular use. Also they help rejuvenate dull looking hair, giving it a shinier, luscious look.

5. Deep conditioning deeply moisturises your hair

Deep conditioners are able to deliver a lot of moisture into your hair shaft because they contain humectants that help you carry out most of the work in keeping your hair moisturized. This key ability is even more potent when you use your deep conditioner in conjunction with mild heat. It is advisable to section your hair, apply a deep conditioner, and cover with a plastic shower cap, or use a steam cap. The heat makes it easier for the mask to penetrate your hair shaft.

It’s pretty obvious why deep conditioning is essential for your hair’s continual health. Deep condition regularly, at least twice a month. Also, try not to leave your deep conditioner in for too long, an hour will do just fine, less if you apply heat (from a steamer or warm towel). You can find safety guidelines on using heat on your natural hair over here.

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