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The Inversion Method For Faster Hair Growth: Fact or Fiction?

We naturals are nearly all obsessed with growing our curls and coils to their full potential. For a lot of us, that means waist-length hair or even longer depending on your taste. Yeah, we all know that these things take time, but every once a while, something new comes along and what harm would it do to give it a try? Especially when other people seem to be swearing by it as their personal secret. The inversion method for faster hair growth is exactly that. It’s an unconventional means that claims to lead to a much-wanted end.

How do you carry out the inversion method?

It’s a pretty simple process

  1. You apply oil/oils to your scalp and give it a thorough massage for 2-3mins
  2. You hang your head upside down for 3-4mins (inversion)
  3. Carry on with your day as usual.

At first glance, it might just seem entirely ridiculous, but the method is somewhat backed by science.

How does the inversion method grow hair?

The first step where you massage your scalp with oil for a few minutes is a way to ramp up blood circulation in your scalp. Its common knowledge that proper blood circulation in the scalp supports healthy growth. A study experimented with this massage therapy on rats and it was shown to support growth. Mind you, the study found that it supported hair growth and regrowth, it did not explicitly say the hair grew any faster than normal.

The second step where you actually invert your body to channel more blood to your scalp stands on shaky ground. This study carried out on mice suggests that when blood vessels are jammed, hair growth rate slows down. In essence, we could flip this to decisively say that free flow of blood is essential for your hair to grow at its top speed and that is exactly what the inversion method leverages on.

You need to know though, that to successfully carry out the inversion method, you should do it for 7 days straight, once a month. Doing it with more frequency will make your scalp adapt to that flow rate and the method is nullified.

Does the inversion method work?

Although a good number of people have claimed that the inversion method helped to grow their hair long after using it, even more people report that it’s just another myth of which everyone should be wary.

It isn’t strange to want to grow your hair out faster than it seems to want, but the truth is that some people just have hair that grows faster than others. It’s how it’s always been. If you’re stuck at a crossroads or your hair seems to be on a growth plateau, you can try out the inversion method. It’s just only fair that you know it might not give you the results you hope for and that’s okay. Care for your hair even when it seems uncooperative, keep it healthy. Eventually, the length will come.

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