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8 Ways To Lift Your Mood And Feel Better On A Bad Day


Every day isn’t as great as others. Some days are just, well, bad. You feel like shit for some reason, and more often than not, you don’t even know exactly what’s wrong. Truth is, it’s impossible to be on a natural high every single day. Things go wrong, life gets in the way and all of a sudden you find yourself right in the middle of a recipe for a terrible day. Sometimes, it’s just a little part of your day that you can easily shake off. Other times though, it can go on and on if you don’t intentionally put a halt to it.

That’s what this post is for. Those days when you can’t seem to shake off your abysmal mood and it’s driving you into a downward spiral. A bad day could very easily turn into a bad week, and skyrocket all the way from there into quite the depressing month. The remedy is you. This might sound like a lot of work but you have to take charge. Make it your mission to get yourself out of the rut you seem to have fallen in. You may already have some things that you do when you aren’t feeling so good, but here are a few that could really make all the difference.

8 Things To Lift Your Spirits And Make You Feel Better a Bad Day

8 ways to feel better on a bad day
  1. Halt Your Thoughts

Literally just hit pause on your current train of thought. When we’re already feeling blue, it’s easy to let our thoughts stray and lead us down an even more hellish path. Hitting pause on your current train of thought can allow you the leverage that you need to steer your mind in a better direction. Some things you could think about instead are your achievements. Anything that makes you feel proud of yourself, no matter how small.

Some people think they have no achievements, but that’s next to impossible. If you think this way, you’re probably measuring your achievements by standards that aren’t yours. Measuring by other people’s standards might make your achievements shrink. Everyone’s priorities are different and so your achievements cannot be judged by someone else’s standards. Variety is the spice of life. It’s what keeps life all that much interesting. So find something in your life that you’re already proud of and focus on that.

2. Envision your path

We are all constantly learning about ourselves, but you know what matters to you. You know what you want above all else. This might seem counterintuitive seeing as you might not be where you want to be yet and that could be the reason you’re already having a bad day. But this is different. You can turn your pain/anger into fuel for something that matters. Write down what you’re hoping to achieve and right below it, break it into smaller, easily doable fragments. There’s nothing that you cannot divide into steps so if it seems too large at first, take a step back and look at it from a different angle.

By the time you’re through, you should have a sketchy roadmap to the treasure you seek. Just taking a look at something like that could even have you feeling silly for your former bad mood. Take pride in your work(roadmap) but don’t forget to act on it.

3. Find something to laugh at.

This is a classic feel-good tactic. Everyone has something they find hilarious, even the scrouge. It could be a show on Netflix, a comic strip on the back of a newspaper, or even an actual standup comedy on YouTube. Just take yourself there and have a good laugh. It’s just temporal glee but it can do a lot for your mood going forward.


4. Give Thanks

From the little things up to the big ones, allow yourself to have an attitude of gratitude. Try to be thankful for the present and all the events that have led up to wherever you are in this very moment. This isn’t just for the good things, the bad and the ugly as well. You couldn’t be here, feeling so uneasy today, if not for all the experiences you’ve already had. So with this exercise, just look to the little things, appreciate them and you just might find a smile on your face.

5. Switch it up

Make a major detour from the things you would normally do. It could be hanging out at a party or even throwing one, but it could also be something smaller like doing a mini photo shoot of your surroundings, putting on some daring jewelry, or even an article of clothing that always seems to intimidate you. The trick is to focus entirely on the task at hand. Be present in whatever it is you decide to switch up to. The switch up is an excellent way to get your mind far away from the murky waters its wading in.

6. Go outside

8 ways to feel better on a bad day

Natural light and fresh air can do wonders for a dreary mind. Try taking a walk near some place with ample greenery and great views. If you have a spot you particularly like, take a walk there and just sit. It could even be as easy as sitting in front of your house.

7. Get Active

Sometimes it’s just easier to let out pent-up intangible emotions with physical tangible exercises. Drawing, painting, dancing, sprinting, actual exercising, or even dying your wig a new exciting color. These are active ways to spend your pent-up energy in a healthy form. Releasing this energy can make you feel so much better on a bad day. Don’t think of these activities as things that you’re supposed to be really good at. That will spoil the experience. You don’t have to be an awesome painter, or dancer, or some renowned bodybuilder. This is you spending some energy in a way that interests you. Just do it.

8. Prayer/meditation

If you’re religious or spiritual, this is a great way to vent (also bonus points if you don’t usually like to share your issues with others). This way you can just lay it all out and leave it there. It’s really helpful in making you feel better on a bad day. Sometimes, you may find answers, but most times, you’ll just have this sense of glowing fulfillment at having it all off your chest. After all, a problem shared is a problem half solved.

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