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The Refreshing Benefits Of A Self-Care Day


The term “self-care” is gaining more and more traction in our world today and with good reason. Pouring into yourself is just as important as pouring into others. This is what self-care is all about. Refreshing your energy, your being, refilling the pot from which you so generously pour. It is giving some thought to yourself before others. Some might view this as a sly little excuse to be unduly selfish, but that is quite the long shot. Small acts of self-care can be integrated into your everyday life, but it’s also essential to dedicate an entire day, a couple of days, or even a week to keeping yourself in overall top form. You should spend your self-care day doing whatever it is that makes you happy and recharges your batteries too. You will find a whole list of things to do on a self-care day right below.

But first,

Why is self-care so important?
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From a distance, you may not see what all the fuss is about. “It’s just finding an excuse to be selfish” wrong! A self-care day has so many benefits and here’s a glimpse of some things that prioritizing self-care can help you accomplish.

  • Self-knowledge for growth and preservation

“Man, know thyself” Ever heard that powerful line? How can you truly come to know yourself if you never spend any quality time with yourself? Sure, you’re never really away from yourself, but going through the motions of life is by no means a replacement for deliberate self-acknowledgment. A self-care day is one where you get to intentionally interact with yourself, learn your truths, and explore your mind. You learn your weaknesses and flaws and in so doing, make a conscious choice to do better and be better. Knowing yourself means you will know when you aren’t being true to yourself at any point in your life. Your self-knowledge literally helps you preserve and protect the intricacies that make you the slice of heaven that you are.

  • Stress and anger management

Everyday life can cause real turbulence in the calm waters of your tolerance and patience. Stress is bound to set in after living so many days in service to whatever cause you have decided to commit to (school, work, chasing dreams, etc.). So a self-care day is crucial to releasing pent-up stress, anger, and overall frustrations of life. You cannot count yourself exempt from experiencing stress because that in itself is a stressor. Take a day aside, set your struggles on the back burner and take care not to mind the smoke, it is no longer for you.

  • Strike a balance

A single day away from your regular life helps you strike a much-needed balance between your personal and work/school life. This balance is there to ensure you don’t work yourself thin with things outside of your person. It’s exhausting to be constantly thinking about work and school all the time. Take a break, protect your space.

  • Better overall health

Contrary to popular belief, self-care is not all about mental health and meditation and burning incense. There are actually four dimensions to self-care that make it so wholesome: emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological. This is why a healthy diet, regular exercise, emotional exercises, and prayer and meditation are all part of a healthy self-care routine. You need to feed all of you and not just some of you.

  • YOLO

You only live once so take a break. Stressing over every little detail is not going to do you any good if you eventually end up breaking down. Permit yourself to live life and enjoy the little things because believe it or not, they are just as important as the big ones. You don’t know the future so enjoy your present. Strive to enjoy the now without so much worry as to what the latter will be. This is one of the truly major benefits of a self-care day.

There are a lot of things you can do on a self-care day depending on your personal preferences. In case you’re stuck for ideas on how to start, keep reading!

11 simple things you can do on a self-care day.
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#1 Binge watch your favorite shows

The day doesn’t have to be so much active work. Catch up on your favorite shows, have a laugh, get re-invested in the non-existent characters and break your heart. The whole point is to enjoy yourself, and if a show on Netflix is what you need who are you to stop you?

#2 Make a gratitude list

Remind yourself of all the wonderful things (no matter how trivial they might seem) in your life and get your spirits up. A gratitude list really helps you put things in perspective so don’t underrate it!

#3 Catch up with yourself

Make a left-right list of your current accomplishments and things still left undone. It’s a healthy way to remind yourself that there’s more to be done while encouraging yourself because you can see all that you’ve already done.

#4 Clean/de-clutter

We tend to form unnecessary attachments to things and this habit leads to a rowdy home. You can spend your self-care day or some part of it cleaning up after yourself. You’ll achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see the results of your little cleaning spurt.

#5 Get yourself a treat

Get a little something-something for yourself. Gifts are a superb way to raise spirits. And since you know yourself so well, you’re really in the best position to get yourself something you know you’ll appreciate.

#6 Go through your phone gallery

A lot of us just take photos and then never go back to look at them. Go through your gallery, re-live those precious moments you loved so much you had to freeze. You might even find some events you forgot all about and make your day.

#7 Take yourself out

This is a great way to spend time in your own company. Being comfortable when you’re on your own doesn’t mean you’re lonely or you have no friends. It is possible to enjoy your own company without it being all about other people. So go out and do something fun or something easy, just do something.

#8 Get a manicure/pedicure

Remember, self-care encompasses how you look and feel. I don’t know about you but for me, a mani-pedi just doesn’t miss! You get beautiful, clean nails, and an ego boost all with one activity.

#9 Watch motivational videos

Remember, you’re doing this to recharge. Watching motivational videos is a more direct and assertive way of refueling your passion and drive for your cause. So no, it’s not lame.

#10 Prayer/meditation

Depending on your stance on religion and religious activities, you could spend some part of your self-care day praying, meditating, or even both. Just try to connect with your inner self and tap from your higher source.

#11 Relax!

If all you want to do is take a five-hour nap, then so be it. If all you want to do is blast some music, so be it. It is your self-care day after all, so feel free to spend it however you deem fit!

A self-care day cannot be overrated because of all the benefits it comes with. It’s a chance to relax, regain your energy, and spend some time with yourself.

What do you do on a self-care day? Feel free to drop your routine in the comments, some of us need the ideas!

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  1. On my self care days, though I’m just realizing this, I de-clutter. And seeing as how my room is a wonderful mess I don’t have those enough. Thanks for the reminder.

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